Although this album was released over a year ago, 첫번째 시간입니다 is an album that I was blown away by at first, and one that I still keep coming back to. A nice summer album, and a stark contrast to Today’s Radio‘s winter single “겨울이고 싶다” released this past winter, 첫번째 시간입니다 is a good balance between fun and heart.

02 오늘의라디오 첫번째 시간입니다

While the genre of this album is considered “folk,” I hesitate to solidify the album as a folk album or Today’s Radio as a folk artist. Folk certainly is the best genre to classify this album, but it sure as well will please even those who tend to deviate away from the genre.

Today’s Radio is an artist that tries to write relatable, every-day songs, and this album certainly succeeds in that area. While the songs in this album have a variety of themes – love, loningness after a breakup, the mundaness of life, etc – the songs all come together ultimately because of the depth, heart, and relatability of them all. They’re all things the average person has gone through, will go through, and can listen and relate to.

Even without listening to the lyrics in detail, though, 첫번째 시간입니다 is an album that will catch your attention with the music itself. Although seemingly very simple, the instrumentals and voice come together in a way that really completes each other and creates a deep mood to each song whether one understands the lyrics or not. It’s almost unbelievable that this is Today’s Radio’s debut release – the quality level, the emotional depth. From an easy listen title track “나의 마음속에는” to more heavy, emotional tracks like “집에 오는 길” and everything in between, 첫번째 시간입니다 you’re sure to find yourself captivated by this rookie artist’s debut EP.

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