I first found Ele through her single back in January “Waiting For Someone.” It’s a sparse and haunting song supported by acoustic guitar and her voice. It’s Ele’s voice that really draws you in. It almost has a droning quality to it that catches your attention. Now she’s released Black Moon, an eight song album that builds on her previous single.

ele black moon

“Not For Nothing” is the introduction song. With a simple piano and vocal arrangement, it uses its slow tempo to set the tone. Unlike “Waiting For Somone” Ele’s voice reaches a different range showing off more variety. “Not For Nothing” is paired with the next song, “Again” and begins adding some of the electronic tones that flow throughout the rest of Black Moon. “Again” uses a similar melody, but the use of synth start an audio journey that continues through the next six songs. “Again” is also where Ele proves that her voice is versatile regardless of the genre. Black Moon is dark in its tone and mood.

It never presents upbeat or light melodies and that might be because Ele’s voice is suited to the long verse arrangements in Black Moon. Strangely, Ele’s voice is able to hit high notes without a problem, but the accompanying arrangements present opposing sounds that are addictive. In some ways, Ele’s songs are like shoegaze songs. They wander and explore before reaching the end. “Black Moon” is a song that combines the essence of Ele and all her particular styles. I really like how it doesn’t need to fill each verse with vocals and allows the instrumentals to make a point where it wants.

Even with only eight songs, Black Moon is a dense audio journey. I don’t know if Ele should be classified as purely electronic, even though the majority of the songs use it. It kind of reminds me of Lune‘s Absinthe which released in 2009. I guess another comparison could be Portishead from the small amount of songs that I heard. In the end, Ele’s Black Moon was an unexpected, but excellent album that really shows off her talent on creating and producing her own music.

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