From “법원에서,” Parasol makes a strong impression. The band’s sound mixes a lot of different styles. I hear some British rock, garage rock, and indie rock beats within their music. Considering I never heard of the band before 언젠가 그 날이 오면, I didn’t know what to expect. But after listening to the album, it’s clear that Parasol have found a style that fits and they’ve crafted a strong EP around it.

parasol 언젠가 그 날이 오면

The closest band that comes to mind is Goonam. Their folk and psychedelic sound is kind of familiar within Parasol. “미끼” sounds like a Goonam B-side. But Parasol is definitely able to make themselves distinct. The one thing I really enjoy is that Parasol never seem in a rush with their songs. “뭐 좀 한 것처럼” is like taking a walk down the street. It fits a walking pace and you start syncing to the beat really quickly. The band’s arrangements are generally simple, never relying on creating multiple polyrhythms and it seems that everyone is following together rather than following the vocals. This creates some great cohesive songs.

I think “너의 자세” is my favorite song. Its laid-back approach is enjoyable. This is also a song that reminds me of The Beatles a lot. I can’t place an exact section of the song, but the overall theme reminded me a lot of how The Beatles composed their songs. The nine songs on 언젠가 그 날이 오면 all have similar tones and tempos so you might dismiss the band for having songs that all sound the same, but by the end of the album, you can hear just how good Parasol’s composing ability really is. It’s also an album that you might hear once and move on, but 언젠가 그 날이 오면 takes a few repeat listens for everything to sink in.

The band only has two releases, but if 언젠가 그 날이 오면 is the kind of quality that is possible then Parasol are going to get a lot better with time. Any kind of rock fan should listen to Parasol especially those that like more British rock style music because Parasol’s mix of influences resulted in a strange fusion of excellence.

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