I’ve been on a electronic music kick lately, trying to find more artists. Korean electronic is probably one of the hardest genres to find more artists and I came across Risso. Her EP Tra La La can be described as electronic pop. The first track “OMG” is a dance pop song that is all about a pulsing bass beat and Risso’s voice. A piano provides the main melody with different samples rounding out each beat. But the chorus is full of funk with a bass line that adds to the overall song.

risso tra la la

“Finger Magic” featuring Humming Urban Stereo uses a slower tempo and is more like an R&B song. It still uses a hearty amount of synth and samples, but the drums and bass provide similar support like on “OMG.” I think it’s a great opposite style to “OMG.” “Feels Like You” is like mix of the two previous songs. There’s a dance pop base with the funk bass still making a prominent statement throughout the song. On a passing listen, “Feels Like You” sounds like “OMG” part two and it takes a bit to really hear the difference.

If there’s one weakness to Tra La La, it’s that the songs use a lot of the same tones and themes. You could even consider the six songs on Tra La La as one entire song. “OMG” has the biggest difference, but after all that energy the rest of the EP feels a lot slower. “Blue Knight,” while a 1990s R&B throwback, doesn’t have the same addictive style as other songs. If each song was a single, then every song could standalone really well. But packaged together, Tra La La loses a lot of energy.

Risso has a great voice and uses it perfectly on Tra La La. But the lack of variety does make the EP a little too similar. It starts out exciting, but falls into a repetition. Risso definitely has a talent for dance pop electronic songs, but it doesn’t shine all the time.

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