Flash Flood Darlings was the one who told me about Floating Island. I took a listen to the single on Soundcloud and hooked. The band also has two previous singles Stick and Hole and 상사화 that I recommend too. But with Parade, I thought it might have a similar style to Flash Flood Darlings and I was wrong.

floating island parade

Wrong that the music is like Flash Flood Darlings, but not that the song is amazing. If you need more info, read our interview with Floating Island. As for the song, “Parade,” it’s mainly Changhoon‘s direction with input from Boram (vocal/guitar) for lyrics and Flash Flood Darlings and Sungmin adding the drums.

“Parade” is a mix between indie pop and electronica. It’s interesting because while the band has four members, there are two sources of electronic beats and melodies. Flash Flood Darlings and Changhoon add different elements into the song with Boram and Sungmin providing the more standard band sound. The arrangement is one of the best with Boram’s melodic vocals bringing the song to life with Flash Flood Darlings and Changhoon replacing the bass and adding more depth. But I think the song would never be complete with the strong drum rhythm that keeps everything together. I also really like that instead of using a programmed drum rhythm, there’s a person playing which gives the song a much more organic sound.

Also included are excellent remixes from Soohuyk (Flash Flood Darlings live member), KIRARA, and Flash Flood Darlings. These remixes definitely give the song another tone while using the existing elements. Even though Parade is one song, as an introduction to Floating island, there isn’t anything better.

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