Listening to Deb in Deb Show starts with a mix of pop rock and electronic. There’s definitely a rock base, but the accents on “외로운건가봐” are a good addition. There’s a strong melodic push throughout the entire EP which has six songs. If you like pop music, Deb in Deb Show will please your ears.

deb in deb show

“외로운건가봐” is like a casual walk. It follows a stride throughout the verse and chorus and the simplified bridge of vocals and guitar give the song a nice division. “랍스터” uses keyboards as the main melody with the bass following a different rhythm adding to the beat the drums present. Unlike the first song, “랍스터” has a bit more Jazz. It doesn’t sound like it should mix that well, but ends overall as a pleasing song. More impressive is that aside from “외로운건가봐,” the rest of the songs were all composed and played by Deb. It shows she really has a talent on making enjoyable songs that mix different elements.

My favorite song is “세상의 규칙” because it’s the most electronic out of the bunch. There’s just something really pleasing hearing a electronic pop rock song that uses different rhythm samples to add atmosphere to the song. There’s a contrast with “무균실.” The song still focuses on an electronic base, but has that more Jazz fusion style. I think the final three songs are the strongest on Show. Mainly because the composition of these songs fit Deb’s voice a bit better. “진혼곡” has a melancholy tone that’s broken by the lighter melody, but her voice is smooth and flows nicely.

I never heard of Deb before Show and “외로운건가봐” kind of throws you off to the rest of the EP. The songs that Deb created herself are stronger and provide a clearer view of her type of music. Considering she has previously releases, I’m curious to hear what she did before. Her last release was in 2011 and it could be an entirely different style. Pop and electronic fans will enjoy the EP.

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