While most people started with Hyukoh with 22, their 2014 EP 20 is the first release. In actuality, 20 and 22 sound like a part one and part two of the same album. The same signature sound is heard on both releases and 20 includes singles like “Wi Ing Wi Ing” and “Ohio.”

hyukoh 20

Hyukoh’s sound is distinct and unique to South Korea. You won’t find a lot of bands that have the same exact style, but there are bands that focus on groove and rhythm. The tone of Hyukoh is what stands out the most. It’s expertly crafted and instruments all serve to accent the melody. The two guitars add compounded melodies that support Hyukk Oh‘s vocals. If you’re afraid that all the songs might sound the same, you don’t have to worry about anything because even with six songs none of the songs sound similar. Going from “Lonely” to “Feels Like Roller Coaster Ride” is a jump.

The arrangements of song are aware of tempo and structure allowing both the bass and drums to create the foundation. But even the bass and drums aren’t stuck in supporting roles. The instruments are able to make a presence on each song even when they’re hidden behind the mix sometimes. The biggest strength is that Hyukoh has taken different influences and created a distinct sound. It’s apparent that they have tons of potential with further releases and could become a long standing band.

Considering 20 is their first release, the set of songs are some of the best for a debut. The connection 20 has to 22 only furthers how cohesive their sound is. You’ll get through 20 pretty quickly, but expect to come back and listen to the EP on repeat. There’s a lot of attention on Hyukoh and hopefully they can continue releasing strong EPs or albums.

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