Previously known as UHF, the one EP the band released was a favorite. Now the band has reemerged as Swiimers. The duo still maintain the same style as before, but the new name allows for a new introduction. “Polaris” is the first single and showcases new potential, if the band can continue to release new music.

swiimers polaris

As a dream pop band, Swiimers are ingrained in using quality melodies along with a very rhythmic percussion. A big difference between UHF and Swiimers is that the drums are limited to a straight beat-for-beat guideline. On “Polaris” it’s able to add a bigger variety. The drums do sound like they’re programmed, but add an interesting groove to the song. The vocals are very similar to UHF, a high melodic line that sits above the rest of the instrumentals. They’re soothing and effortlessly glide over the song.

Guitars follow a similar tone which mainly sound distortion free. It’s the additional electronic samples that expand the song. Near the last third of the song, the multiple layers almost cause a confusion with all the different tones and rhythms, but somehow the song remains cohesive. The three years between UHF and Swimmers show a lot of experience. I do like how “Polaris” starts like UHF’s previous songs, but goes into a different direction than I remember.

“Polaris” is a strong first single. Even though the band had a previous release under a different name, Swimmers have a clean slate and can really find a voice in the dream pop genre. There aren’t a lot of prominent artists in the genre, but I think Swiimers can easily find an audience. Here’s hoping new music is coming soon.

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