I’d seen a lot of videos about Echae en Route, but never heard a full song until Madeline. Comprised of violin and bass, along with accompaniment of drums and other instruments, the band plays a distinct music style that’s actually a little difficult to describe. The first track, “Get Into,” is like a off-beat jazz-groove song. The violin plays the part of the guitar while the bass provides support. The weird thing was listening to the drums, the song comes across at 4/4 but the drums occasionally extended the beat. About midway through the song, it sounds like the drums lost time and then struggled to get back on beat.

enchae en route madeline

The EP really seems to start with “A Song Between Us.” An intro with picked violin and accompanied by English vocals. The bass in this song plays another support role, but as it sits a little lower in volume, the notes add to the overall melody. It’s nice that the bass isn’t regulated to simple quarter notes and it able to explore while following the main melody. “A Song Between Us” sounds like a country song without falling into a heavy swing groove. Then “Uneasy Romance” is a great indie pop song. I think there’s some real talent behind the bass to be more than just a simple backbone. The violin is also easily able to take the place of a guitar and provide a deeper melody. This song also features more percussion during verses that give the song a little more structure.

Another standout track is “Run.” It’s similar to “Get Into” except that the drums seem more in tune with the tempo. It’s almost like a technical showing of the ability of Echae en Route. It makes you focus on each individual instrument and what it’s doing for the song. I could also equate “Run” to be like a post-rock or math rock song with how the song is arranged. You could also get a feeling that it’s a soundtrack song.

There’s definitely a lot of variety on Madeline. The duo use violin and bass in different ways than what would be expected. Echae en Route also show that they’re capable of adapting to different styles. The EP is excellent, but I’m curious how it could be expanded into a full length. Echae en Route prove they can create a compact EP, but I’m curious how far they would go with more songs.

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