Back in 2014, I came across OOHYO‘s Girl Sense on Bandcamp. I didn’t know anything about her other than I liked the songs. Now she’s back with her first full length Adventure. If you liked Girl Sense, then Adventure is a progression. Girl Sense was produced with the help of Eniac, but Adventure features more contributors like First Aid, Philtre, and E;glue. Musicians also include 용린 of Dear Cloud and a spot by The Quiett. Basically, Adventure is a more mature release showcasing a stronger sound across eleven songs.

oohyo adventure

“ICU” starts the album and it’s a close tie in with Girl Sense. It sounds like a song that could have been a part of the EP. OOHYO is still focused on the usage of synth samples and electronic beats, but that’s her strength. “ICU” also serves as the introduction to bring back previous listeners before venturing in slightly new audio directions. “Goodbye” is a simpler song that focuses on OOHYO’s voice accompanied by acoustic guitar and supplemented by a drum sample. It’s low key, but highlights the enjoyable melody of OOHYO’s voice.

As you work through songs like “School Bus” and “K-Drama,” it’s easy to hear more confidence. OOHYO is more comfortable exploring different tones and themes. “K-Drama” sounds like an OST song. As one of the singles, it’s sure to grab a lot of attention. It’s “Madrid” where you can really hear First Aid’s presence on the album. The instrumental sounds like a song you would hear on a First Aid release, but mixed with OOHYO it has a different tone. The biggest surprise has to be the guest spot by The Quiett on “Seaside.” It’s not the fact that he’s making a guest spot, but how well he matches the tone of the song. His portion is small, but it makes a decent impact.

Adventure is strong because it has the same variety that Girl Sense had. OOHYO is comfortable moving between different styles and her voice is perfect to move around. Even with eleven songs, the album goes by rather quickly. But like Girl Sense, you want to put Adventure on repeat. “Grace” is on the back end of the album, but it’s one of the strongest songs. The song order is organized really well so you never get bored.

I was curious how OOHYO would progress from Girl Sense and Adventure is exactly where I hoped she would venture. She worked with really well with different artists and her album shows that her potential is limitless.

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