After listening to various groups, I decided to look around for a new artist. I came across LAYBACKSOUND‘s new release Pink O’Clock and was instantly hooked. LAYBACKSOUND is a duo with members Cream and Han-Gyeol. They are a mix of soul, R&B, and hip-hop. The album has seven tracks, two of which are instrumental.

layback sound pink o'clock

The majority of the tracks have English titles, other than the second one “뒤숭숭해.” It’s an incredible mix of sound, and is really catchy. I really commend their producing skills because this is definitely my new jam. “Pink Rocket” is another song I enjoyed listening to. It has a really strong sound and the duo’s voices mesh really well with it. Cream and Han-Gyeol’s voices are really sweet and after awhile I found that their sound was really familiar and reminded me of another singer in the Korean R&B world, and that person is, Crush. I am an avid listener of Crush and find a lot of similarities between him and LAYBACKSOUND.

The other songs did not really catch my attention, but that does not make this album horrible. It is a good balance with various aspects to offer. I look forward to their next release, whenever that may be.


First time contributor. I have been interested in Korean culture for a very long time and ended up falling in love with both Korean Pop and Korean Indie.