The Koxx started with their 2010 release Enter. They continued with the excellent Access OK and 2012’s Bon Voyage before the band went into mandatory military service. Bon Voyage is bittersweet because everyone knew it was the band signing off for the next two years. Now the band has returned with the new normal, picking up where they left off and rebooting at the same time.

the koxx the new normal

From their earlier releases to the new normal, there have been changes. The music is more polished and sounds like it’s been honed with a precise attack. As opposed to Access OK which sounded like a frenetic dance of electronic and rock, the new normal combines these elements in a more natural state. But The Koxx aren’t spending this release getting back to where they were when they left. The band has only gotten better. It’s heard through the variety of music. They’re not attacking the same way through their music, they’re actively composing songs that speak different themes and messages. Just listen to “man go” compared to “zeitgeist.” They have familiar themes, but come across differently.

Then get to “campfire” and the first verse, it’s like a weird synth party until the second verse. Then it decides to switch back for the chorus. Even though the composition is weird, it’s highly addictive. It’s impressive after this time not being a band, The Koxx are able to come back, find the place where they left off, and improve on it. For some people, the new normal might be the first introduction, but if you listen to their discography, the band has gotten better. And it’s not that they’re copying other bands for their signature sound, they’ve really improved on every element of their music.

It’s excellent that The Koxx have returned and in this form. the new normal could have easily been a release that simply signified the band’s return, but it blows out their previously releases and raises the bar for the band. It will be interesting to see what direction they go towards in the future.

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