I bet everyone was wondering when Part Two of the Korean Hip-Hop/R&B primer would be up. Well, look no further! This part features an assortment of artists, some of which are male and female, are solo, or are in groups. I asked for some input on twitter a little while ago and was greeted with an array of musicians to choose from. I selected a few to add to this section of the primer and will follow up with some more in the next.


Hwayobi is known as South Korea’s “Queen of R&B”. Possessing a soulful voice, her performances are always powerful and entrancing. Not only is she talented as a singer, Hwayobi also writes her own lyrics and composes her own songs. Having been in the industry since 2000, she has released various albums and has featured in many drama soundtracks.


Beenzino is an up and coming rapper in the industry. He is part of Illionaire Records. He has released only a few of his own albums, but has collaborated with many artists such as: Primary, K.Will, Lee Hyori, and Junggigo. He has also accompanied Verbal Jint on his international tour. This December, Beenzino will be ending the year with his own tour and will be heading to 5 different cities in North America.

Miss $

Miss $ was formed in 2008 as a duo and was known as “the first female hip-hop group that specializes in ballads”. After a few line-up changes, Miss $ became a trio with members Kang Min-heeOh Yumi, and Yoon Ja-Young (Jace), who our readers may recognize if you have seen the show Unpretty Rapstar.


2BIC is a R&B male vocal duo who debuted back in 2012. They have received praises from industry seniors who highlighted their vocal prowess. An MR (music removed) video of one of their live performances went viral, surprising many fans with just how talented they are.

As One

Chae Da-Hee (Crystal) and Lee Min-Young (Min) form the ever so lovely duo, As One. Not only have they been active in the music industry for many years, they are also DJs for a radio show called K-Popular. These two ladies have released various single, albums, and compilations which show off their beautiful and soothing voices.


We can’t discuss Korean Hip-Hop without mentioning Garion, a duo (formerly a trio), made up of members Lee Jaehyun a.k.a Mc Meta and Jeong Hyun-Il a.k.a Naachal. Garion was formed back in 1998 and are considered the pioneers of Korean Hip-Hop. When they debuted they were a trio, which included ex-member Choi Jar-Yu (J-U) and were well known for their logical lyrics and high quality beats.


I discovered Tymee a few years ago, but she was known by the stage name e.via. She also went by the stage name Napper at some point. Tymee is known as being Korea’s “fastest female rapper”. She has been active since 2009 and is adept in writing lyrics, composing, piano playing and, of course, rapping.

I hope Part Two was to everyone’s liking. I did my best to find artists with different sounds and abilities. If anyone has any other ideas on who I should spotlight, let me know! I love hearing suggestions. If you’re just discovering an artist, I hope you look into more tracks of theirs because everyone is super talented!

First time contributor. I have been interested in Korean culture for a very long time and ended up falling in love with both Korean Pop and Korean Indie.