The first I heard that YUMI was releasing a new full length was when she messaged me about using a quote from my 2013 interview. Of course, letting her use a quote was fine with me, but I was more interested in hearing what her new album would sound like. The three years since her EP haven’t diminished her talent at all and Beginning is outstanding.

yumi beginning

“Like a dust” introduces all the elements that YUMI uses. Her voice is still melodic and haunting, shown through the vocals on the song. While you might think her songs are simple, it’s really the way she uses her voice across the songs. There’s a melancholy tone that attracts your ears throughout each verse. But YUMI doesn’t only stress low key acoustic songs. Beginning was made all by herself so each element was decided personally. This makes the album interesting because the difference between songs is impressive. “Because of you” sounds different from other songs with a keyboard accompaniment that gives the song a slight jazz tone.

“Take me to the sea now” switches things again with a more folk rock style that uses keyboard again, but has a groove the song falls into very quickly. This song is probably my favorite on the album. The way the songs are ordered, you get a mix of styles and each one has high points. “Undo” is a slower song that highlights YUMI’s strengths. The last few songs on Beginning might be the strongest on the album so you shouldn’t skip those.

I’m glad to see that YUMI is back. Her EP was really good and her single in Sugimoto Ladyland was great. Beginning is a showcase of YUMI’s style and talent. She’s a great musician and people should give her the attention she deserves.

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