Rock’N’Roll Radio are one of the most unique Korean rock bands. Their style and music is different from a lot of bands, through their use of melody and rhythms. Shut Up & Dance was one of the best of 2013 and 2015 sees their return with Life Is A Dream, We`ll Wake Up And Scream. It’s a little disappointing it’s only an EP, but any new music is welcome.

rock'n'roll radio life is a dream

Rock’N’Roll Radio haven’t changed anything in their style, it’s easily recognizable, but on the EP there’s something new that’s heard through the music. The band was always tight whether live or recorded, but Life Is A Dream, We`ll Wake Up And Scream is more complex and requires a close relationship between all the instruments. “Feel Me” is more customary Rock’N’Roll Radio while “Nightmare” is different. It has almost a funk guitar line through the verse with the guitars using two different melodies. It sounds more complex than what could be accomplished with only four members, but the polish is apparent.

The last two songs are remixes by Romain Tranchart & Gregory Louis covering “Feel Me” and “Shut Up & Dance.” While it’s easy to hear the differences between “Feel Me” in the two versions, going back to listen to “Shut Up & Dance” changes the song in bigger ways. It has a club beat added while muting the main guitar line a bit until the first verse. Then the song is a little more recognizable. It sounds like the secondary verses are where the main changes are. It’s a great rendition of the original song.

Rock’N’Roll Radio are a great band. Their style is great recorded and live with the ability to get people moving along to the music very quickly. The EP feels like a teaser for new music in the future and it would be great to hear a new full length in 2016.

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