Swiimers released their first EP after two singles, which are are also included, on January 12, 2016. It expands on the two previous songs with the band’s signature dreampop and shoegaze style. “Golden Roots of Your Tree” is a short introduction that sets up the rest of the EP before going into the previously released “Woodstock.”


Shoegaze and dreampop used to have a lot more artists, but its becoming a little more difficult to find new ones. Swiimers are continuing the genre with this excellent EP which dives into all the standards of the style. Highly melodic and exploratory, “Woodstock” follows the standard verse to verse traditions, but the polyrhythms that are contained in the song make each section bleed into one another perfectly. It feels that Swiimers could easily expand these songs and the representations on the EP are condensed versions of the song. “Happy Friday” is a good example of that. The vocals keep pace and when it hits the chorus, it sounds like this could be expanded into a lot more measures.

MQ Cho‘s vocals are perfect for the genre. They’re light, melodic, and float over the instrumentals while providing a glue to keep it together. Pyung Gang‘s guitar add embellishment at all the right places and Sunwoong‘s drums are perfectly present without being hidden or overtaking any of the other instruments. “Happy Friday” provides the best example of this. “Fight” is one of my favorite songs because it’s different from other songs. It’s a bit more synth pop than dreampop or shoegaze with a slightly quicker tempo. It uses a lot of layered melodies without overpowering the song’s progression. “Shalla” is probably the closest shoegaze song in pure form. It explores the melody and time signature without getting boring. The exploration by the guitar could easily be expanded if the band wanted, but in this form it’s perfect for listening.

The last two songs are “Woodstock” remixes by ENSDP and doduk to provide a different interpretation of the song. Swiimers have accomplished a lot with their self-titled EP. It shows off a genre that needs more attention and provides a different style for people looking for dreampop. The band is able to show off their talent and can only get better.

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