Jazz Master by The Veggers is a daunting album. For punk and hardcore fans, you get an insane amount of music with 28 songs. For people simply interested in Korean music, The Veggers will probably blow your mind. What’s even more amazing is that these 28 songs last a full 39:30. Song length ranges from 13 seconds to a little over three minutes. In terms of hardcore songs, that could be really long.

the veggers jazz master

The Veggers display punk and hardcore in its perfection. The four piece really sound like they’re having fun on every song. “Do Not Cross” is the best introduction to The Veggers, but only shows a single side of the types of songs you’ll hear on Jazz Master. I’m actually curious about why the title is Jazz Master, but considering the difficulty of finding new punk bands, I really don’t care. The album moves at a breakneck speed from the early songs, honing into songs that last from less than a minute to short of two minutes. What I enjoy the most about these songs is that they don’t feel incomplete. They sound like everything band wanted to include is there.

I didn’t take a deep listen to Jazz Master until late December, but I’m kind of sad that I missed it. It really shows the diversity of punk and hardcore in South Korea while sounding a lot like bands I used to listen to back in the late 90s. The Veggers have a great sound – one that’s raw and sometimes dirty, but enjoyable to hear. I’m not sure how much this album would speak to fans of other genres, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

The Veggers really put everything out there with this album. Just by the amount of songs, you really hear a long history and development of the band. That’s one of the strengths of Jazz Master. The band doesn’t only focus on a single theme and play what they feel like.

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