I received an email from Jack and Amy introducing the duo a little while back and have been listening to their EP Winter for the past couple weeks. Comprised of Joyce Kwon and Dan Rufolo, each individual musician plays different styles of music. But together the pair create interesting melodic alternative rock that mixed in some shoegaze elements. There are also electronic samples that add to the group’s sound creating something that’s a little less of a song, but more of an audio landscape.

jack and amy winter

“The Sound of Your Hello” is the first song, but does a great job introducing the band with a multilayered audio attack with guitar, drums, keyboards, and Joyce’s vocals. I especially enjoy the way the song crescendos with a big intensity without really raising the volume. The band was described with a sound influenced by Radiohead and cinema and it’s definitely heard. “Plus Size Fairy” reminds me less of Radiohead and kind of a electronic show tune. The show tune melody comes from the way the vocals glide over the melodies. If arranged another way, “Plus Size Fairy” could be a indie pop song with a lot of great hooks.

Winter is four songs so the hitting enough variety is always a danger. Jack and Amy are able to do this really well. “Yesterday” is a bit of a downtempo electro-jazz song, pushed with the keyboards. It might not use the straight polyrhythms of jazz, but does manipulate the tempo really well. “I See You” closes out the EP and actually reminds me of some South Korean electronic artists. This is through the way the samples are used to create the melody, but leaving empty melodic space between the percussion. It’s my favorite song on the EP because it’s a little weird and more exploratory than the other songs.

The collaboration between Joyce, who makes music with the Korean sanjo, and Dan, who works in contemporary chamber jazz, is great. It’s an example how different styles and experience can result in a totally different sound. With four songs right now, it feels like Jack and Amy could venture into almost any other audio style and create an album that would double as an excellent soundtrack.

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