It’s been a while since I listened to Monkeyz. I enjoyed their previous EPs and album, but with Into Your Heart it feels like the band has switched gears from a pop rock band to a more mellow band. I’m not saying the band has lost any of its style, but I do miss the more energetic songs that I heard on 너라는 사람의 노래.

monkeyz into your hear

The more low key tone of Monkeyz isn’t something I heard a lot. The band did have some ballad style songs on previous releases, but that’s kind of what you hear a lot on Into Your Heart. “느낌이 와” is a song that will grab your attention if you like strong melodies. The band has always been a melody first band and they don’t stop that. “Heart” is the closest to old Monkeyz that I heard, but still feels a little restrained. In some ways, I feel like Into Your Heart is a collection of b-sides from other albums. They didn’t exactly fit other releases and they are collected in this album.

When I saw Monkeyz live in Seoul, I enjoyed their live performance a lot. The audience were also drawn in from the first song. Into Your Heart is like a weird transition. The hooks are still there, but the music feels like it’s lacking the same energy. I wonder if that’s from the mixing of the album to make it more pop radio friendly. The members are all excellent musicians, but it feels too restrained here.

It’s been a while since a longer release from Monkeyz and the members might have been going through a lot of personal things. Into Your Heart is toeing the line between pop and rock. It’s something that Monkeyz were successful with for a long time, but it sounds like something is missing.

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