GBSG are a pretty direct rock band. Their EP OHEHOH is five songs full of attitude and aggression. Not to say the music is angry, but the four members definitely enjoy this style of music. On the surface it reminds me a lot of alternative rock from the United States in the early 2000s. The guitar and bass enjoy a low and distorted foundation while the drums fill in every space with either the bass drum or cymbal crashes.

gbsg ohehoh

While the songs don’t push the tempo too fast, it doesn’t drag. A big plus is that GBSG is able to find the grooves really quickly so the songs never get boring. “Deadline” is full of crunchy distortion which I liked a lot. It doesn’t overpower the song and lays out the path for each verse. GBSG don’t use it often but Youn-kyung Son does scream sometimes, but overall her vocals are really good. She doesn’t sing very high, but has a lot of power when she wants to use it.

They’re a relatively young band, established in 2014. But they definitely have found a style of music that each member is great at. OHEHOH mixes things up with the current slate of rock bands. GBSG is rock with a mix of hardcore and screamo and the style of music they play isn’t new, but the energy the band has it what makes the music so addictive. Five songs do a decent job of introducing the band and OHEHOH is a solid EP.

GBSG have a lot of potential to grow. The debut EP is a great representation of what to expect and I think the live shows can be really crazy depending on the audience. If you’ve been looking for a mixture of melodic rock, hardcore, and screamo, GBSG are a band to check out.


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