Against The Silence‘s first song “Missing” reminded me a lot of the nu-metal that was popular in the United States when I was in high school. Herz is a hard rock band that uses heavily distorted guitar, low bass, and drums. The songs on the album are great if you enjoy hard rock/metal sound, but the recording of songs lacks a bit in the necessary depth in low end sound and makes some of the songs sound weaker than they need to be.

herz against the silence

In terms of the arrangements, Herz do a good job of capturing a darker and aggressive image. “Tearful” moves from verse to verse with precision and I like how the vocals seem to be full of a desire. The instrumentals for the song are great. The drums are easily heard and there’s a lot going on, they’re not only keeping the beat but adding a lot of dimension. But even with everything mixing well, the strength of the song is missing a bit. I would have liked to hear more bass and bass drum to add some power to the song.

The difficulty with Herz is that if you aren’t a fan of the genre, you may want to pass the band by. They do add some variety with “Destroy,” which is a bit faster and upbeat. The beginning of Against The Silence actually hides the better songs that are on the end of the album. I don’t know if Herz arranged the songs in this way on purpose, but if you get past the slower songs in the beginning, the album opens up a lot. If you ever wanted to hear a Korean style Alice in Chains, listen to “Libera Me.”

Herz are pulling influences from a lot of different bands. This makes Against The Silence a little uneven, but still a fun listen. I do think that the order of songs gives a different impression with the more interesting songs coming from the middle of the album.

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