Looking back on Bye Bye Sea or Annyeong Bada, depending how you know the band, their last release before Good Night was 2013’s 난그대와바다를가르네. I’m not sure what the band did between the three years. But their return is another solid release with their indie melodic rock sound. If you’ve heard Bye Bye Sea on a previous release, it’s easy to get back into the music. If this is your first time, you will enjoy how well the band composes their style.

bye bye sea good night

“Travel” starts the album with a slow, slightly melancholy track that is focused on the vocals with the instrumentals gradually building the song through each verse. The band isn’t afraid of adding distortion or more aggressive elements, but they never overpower the vocals. I found out the band was releasing their album with the single “Tear Drop.” The music video takes a webcam perspective of a girl who eventually breaks down into tears. It was a different presentation which got me interested in how the rest of the album would turn out.

Good Night doesn’t only focus on slow songs, the band does explore different tempos but keep their core indie rock style throughout. The layout of the track list is smart mixing the styles around so the album has a definitive rolling feeling. “Good Night” splits the 11 song release and the song uses an indie ballad form. I enjoy the fact that Bye Bye Sea hasn’t changed up their sound and continue to progress forward.

Bye Bye Sea has been around since 2009 and the years have given the band a lot of time to polish and refine their individual sound. Indie pop and indie rock fans will enjoy Good Night. The album has a lot of strong songs and is enjoyable for everyone.

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