From Soro Sori‘s first track, “Shilla Harmony,” on Secret Garden, I got the immediate feeling of Nujabes. The electronic chill style featuring piano, guitar, and a low key drum beat is calming and mellow. It’s a strength that continues throughout the five song EP. You will never feel rushed listening to Secret Garden, and will come away with peaceful energy.

soro sori secret garden

The self-described style of Soro Sori is Jazz, Hip-hop, chillout, and lounge. The genre isn’t one that features a ton of artists and finding one is a bit difficult. But the way that Soro Sori creates his tracks is impressive. “City Meditation” combines the instrumentals with ambient environment sounds. In this case, it’s birds chirping over a piano melody. The mixture of the two sounds grounds the song and with the bird samples, the piano speaks a contrasting but connected melody. “Remedy” slowly builds on its introduction to the main verses. The drum track sits on top of the melody to define the tempo while the piano weaves around each beat.

Soro Sori’s arrangements are really well done. With the mixing of any track, there’s a definite reasoning behind it. Like on “Remedy,” Soro Sori wants you to hear the beat and then immerse yourself with the melodies. Focusing on the tempo first prioritizes how the track is heard. Secret Garden is a great example of the chillout genre. There isn’t a song that feels forced and every note fuels the mixture of genres. If you removed the electronic samples, the songs could easily exist as lounge Jazz without a problem.

Soro Sori released a couple of singles prior to Secret Garden, but the EP is probably the best way to get your first introduction. Like I said before, if you like Nujabes then Soro Sori is a parallel artist.

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