When I first saw the description for Apnea, it said “dubstep, DNB, rock, metal.” The mixing of electronic and rock isn’t anything new, but I was curious to hear how Apnea would incorporate dubstep into their music. The 2013 album is pretty interesting from an audio perspective. ANA-042 successfully pairs dubstep with the other genres that the band uses. In some cases it works well, but in others the dubstep breaks the flow of the song.

apnea ana-042

The intro song to ANA-042 is more of a lead into “Tongue” where you get a taste of Apnea’s music. The album is sung in English and overall easy to understand. The vocals actually remind me like a mix of Origa who sung the Ghost In The Shell anime intro and Evanescence. There are some common audio threads between the arrangements through the similar genres, but Apnea show more variety with later songs from the album. One song that breaks the album is “Sand Storm” (feat. MuSchiz & it’s B from Diskover). The band plays a backing band for a rap-electronic song. The chorus also sounds like vocaloid giving the song a video game soundtrack tone. “Sand Storm” would have been better placed later in the album.

But compared to the first few tracks, Apnea do add variety. “MMMoney” is a mix between a rock track and EDM song. The chorus is pure dance friendly synth with the verses carrying the song to the end. Songs like “Surf The BassHead” and “My Ruined Times” sound like the best result of Apnea’s songwriting. The inclusion of dubstep within the songs is kept more organic rather than just adding effects. I am curious to hear ANA-042 without dubstep and hear how the songs differ. There are 11 songs on ANA-042 with an intro and outro track so you get nine songs. As their first full length, Apnea are very direct with the music they create. I do think that the composition of the songs is strong, but there is definitely an unbalance with the dubstep in most songs.

Apnea have paired their preferred genres well. The album is a little top heavy with the middle to the end of the album showing more variety. “Neo Sun” is an excellent song that some people might miss because it’s at the end of the album. The second CD of the release is remixes by the band. With ANA-042 released in 2013, I’m sure the band has grown and I look forward to hearing what they’re done since.

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