There are days when I want to listen to really loud and explosive hardcore music. Thankfully, I was able to find Pariah‘s full length One on Bandcamp. Composed of five excellent musicians, Pariah’s album is the perfect album for hardcore fans. It’s ten songs at less than 20 minutes with a non-stop barrage of noise, energy, and punishing rhythms.

pariah one

If you don’t like hardcore, there’s little to attract you with the band. But genre fans will love what the band is doing on One. The songs move at a crazy speed with most songs ranging from a minute and a half to two and a half minutes. One starts with “Hypocrites” which serves as an introduction. The slow beginning is full of distorted guitar, screaming, and cymbal crashes only to prep you for “Lukas.” The second track is the true beginning of One and cements the style. With most hardcore recordings, the instruments are mashed and mixed together where it’s kind of difficult to tell what’s going on during the first listen. Guitars, drums, and vocals are heard, but the bass is lost a bit which is disappointing but is seemingly a standard.

As with the genre again, it may sound like every song sounds the identical. But Pariah are able to present a strong mix of songs. It does take some time to know which song is which, but there are good standouts like “Cemetary,” “Good Neighbor,” and “Novelist.” The thing I like the most about Pariah is that the band is going full speed from start to finish. Even with the breakdowns like on “Hermit,” the slightly slower tempo doesn’t lack any of the power found when the band is basically sprinting a whole marathon. I really wonder how the band can keep up the pace at a live show.

Pariah illustrates again that South Korea has an excellent group of punk and hardcore bands. Though it’s difficult to discover them all the time, I haven’t found a band that’s been disappointing. One is definitely a polarizing album for a general Korean music listener, but any punk and hardcore fan will definitely love the album.

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