A bit over a year since From Today, Cogason released their first full length Pop. The band continues their indie rock style with ten songs. For someone who is just starting to get into Korean indie music, this band is an excellent starting place.

cogason pop

Cogason originally reminded me of The Electric Eels, but Pop moves away from that and gives the band its own presence. I think with these ten songs, Cogason is able to fully develop and present their own unique sound. Pop has a lot of excellent tracks like “Fine Day” and “Cutie.” A lot of the enjoyment of the music comes from how effortless the vocals sound over the instrumentals. They’re very melodic and fit each song perfectly. Pop also contains an innocence which is presented by the arrangements. Tempos are easy going and grooves are quick to make a presence. “The Day We Fell Into a Well” mixes the melody back and forth from the vocals to the electric guitar. Sometimes, Cogason reminds me of Weezer. It might not be the songs specifically, but how the songs come across.

While the album could be considered short at 33 minutes, each track is unique and displays a different theme. I think that Cogason have released a great summer album. It contains an upbeat and bright feeling that anyone can get sucked into. Indie rock can get kind of repetitive, but Cogason are able to manipulate the genre very well. The use of distortion is varied and never overpowers the song though it is a little difficult to hear bass lines on most songs. The drums are overall simplistic, but fit the songs because they add dimension to songs without attempting to fill in any gaps on verses.

In the end, Cogason’s Pop sounds and feels fresh. It’s overall a clean album that serves as a great soundtrack for warm weather. As their first full length, Cogason have presented the best side of themselves and can only improve with more releases.

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