It’s been almost a year to the day since “Escape” was released by 24Hours. I liked “Escape” a good amount. It was a bit more serious and musically complex than older music. There was also a good time between the single and their EP No Way Out. But “Get It On” feels more at home with 24Hours’ Blackhole. It’s a summer song that focuses on a walking tempo and combines all the elements that make 24Hours stand out.

24hours get it on

The highlight of “Get It On” is the chorus. It’s feels bright and brings back a welcoming tone rather than darker tones from other releases. I do feel like 24Hours got a little lost after Party People and even though I liked everything they released afterwards, “Get It On” is more of the style that I enjoy most by the band. It’s almost like a return to their garage rock foundation and finding their individual voice again.

Last I knew, 24Hours were still an unsigned band. I’m not sure if that’s changed at all, but I’m glad that the band is still making music. As one of the early friend suggested discoveries, I’m interested in how 24Hours are progressing over the years. “Get It On” shows that they’ve really found the core of their music again. After two singles, it would be great to get another EP or even a full length.

Whatever path 24Hours takes, the band has released a lot of memorable music from their first EP. Throughout the years, I’ve seen them live a few times and they’re definitely one of the most exciting live bands around.

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