I remember when I was introduced to Taesub of 1TON at a bar in Hongdae. The band had recently released Tiny Old Tape and I found a copy of the CD at Hyang Music. Two years later, 1TON have their first full length album Make The One Tone. If you missed the 2014 EP, then Make The One Tone is the album to get. It contains songs from the previous releases along with new tracks to complete the 14 song album.

1ton make the one tone

If there’s one thing to notice about 1TON’s type of melocore, it reminds me a lot of Japanese punk rock. This really comes from the drumming. Japanese punk rock drumming to me is very technical and contains a lot of insane polyrhythms. 1TON make use of those in every song. Add to that an excellent melody from the guitars and vocals which results in one of the best melodic punk rock bands in South Korea. Make The One Tone doesn’t contain a single throwaway song. “When I Was Young” is still one of my favorites and “Story (Sing Along)” adds some variety as a new track.

1TON did release a three song single in 2015 containing “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Monologue” that are included as 2016 versions. Essentially this makes Make The One Tone a compilation of everything 1TON has released since they’ve been a band. Listening to the mixture of songs, Tiny Old Tape’s songs are much more pure melocore while the new songs are a little more experimental to their original sound. “FB” is a perfect example of this. The band has grown since Tiny Old Tape and have released what should easily become a classic album.

The biggest difficulty for 1TON is finding their music online. The only real way to get their music is to purchase the CD unless you can use a Korean music site to purchase the album digitally. If 1TON could get their music on iTunes or Bandcamp, they could reach a lot more people and that’s the only thing really holding them back from getting a lot more interest internationally.

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