My weekly Bandcamp check resulted in finding out about Bud. One of the difficulties with a name as simple as theirs is that searching for specific information was difficult. Somehow I was able to find the duo’s Facebook page which gave a little background on Bud. Comprised of guitarist/vocal Nam-Young and bassist Da-eun, the pair play a mixed style of rock. It’s not straight rock and roll, adding in small alternative rock flourishes on guitar and sometimes riffs border on other styles as well.

bud moan

Starting Moan with “Dreams,” Bud is able to dismiss any girl pop or indie pop conceptions. They are centered on rock music. Even though “Moan” is slightly slower in tempo from “Dreams,” it doesn’t go towards ballad territory and comes across as a very solid alternative rock track. Nam-Young’s vocals are complex, moving from low to high effortlessly. She also carries a “bite” to her voice. It’s melodic and accented with a slight aggression. One thing I’m really happy is that Da-eun’s bass comes through very clearly on songs and she’s not just following the guitar, but adding her own flourish to each song.

With Bud being a duo, I imagine they’re using session drummers. The drumming on Moan is solid, following the rhythms and filling in the verse and chorus as necessary. The strongest song has to be “Home.” Sung in English, it flows with a heavily distorted guitar that flows with a repeating blue rhythm during the verse. With Nam-young’s vocals, it reminded me of the force that I get from DIEALRIGHT. The amount of energy on “Home” in its recorded form makes me think the live version can be an amazing performance.

Bud’s five song EP is one of those releases that most people will probably miss and will be discovered a few months from now. Nam-young and Da-eun recorded an excellent EP. Moan is a hidden gem. People who hear it will love it and they need to show it off to more people. If Bud can record more music, their next release could easily surpass Moan within the first couple songs.

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