Sunwoo Jung-A (선우정아) is a singer-songwriter who’s worked with large commercial labels like YG and rock artists like Jong Yong Hwa. Her blend of pop-jazz has an earnest feel as we’ve noted from her second album It’s Okay, Dear.


Her newest release is titled 4×4 and it feels like an homage to jazz, pop, and soul. Her first song, “순이,” is a blend of acoustic guitar and sustained vocals that carry on to the end. It makes for a very relaxed feel and intro to the album.

Her second song, “눈치,” can aptly be described as a version of pop soul with jazz electronic guitar. You can hear the synth effects of the keyboard as she explores vocal harmonies with the lyrics “아닐 거야 내가 아는 너라면 / 절대 이런 식은 아냐” or roughly translated, “no, you are not the person I once knew.”

Finally, her last two songs of 4×4 are a remastered version and a live version of “삐뚤어졌어.” I really enjoyed the vocals in these two pieces, and the raw, sad emotions carry through in a powerful way. Put simply, the song is about an extreme sense of melancholy and a sense that the world is “삐뚤어졌어’” or skewed or “messed up.” The speaker of the song self-concludes, though, that it isn’t the world but that it is her world that is messed up. It’s a pretty profound and deep song, and the two versions give you an opportunity to explore the nuances of her singing and vocal range.

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