It’s interesting to hear what different combinations of instruments can result in. LA BAIE is a great example of talented musicians creating music through limited means, but ending up with complex and interesting songs. The bay‘s foundation is classical and jazz music. The two main instruments are piano and guitar which create the main foundation of every song. The backing drum track mainly sounds to serve as a way to keep the tempo, but it’s not really needed.


“The Bay” is the first song and perfectly introduced the three members. Park Jinwoo is LA BAIE’s pianist and adds a distinct voice to the music. It’s easy to hear how experienced he is because his playing isn’t about being a primary melody all the time, but adding the right amount of accents when needed. Denis Sungho‘s guitar follows the same function as Park Jinwoo. It’s not about being featured, but creating the atmosphere of the music correctly. But what most people will notice first is Kim Hyemi‘s vocals. It’s sultry and seductive, almost like a snake over the melodies and tempo. She’s very capable of manipulating her voice to each song.

But LA BAIE isn’t focused on making jazz bar music and explores different pop on “Let them dream.” The foundation of LA BAIE’s sound is described as “chic pop.” They also tag themselves as “electro pop,” but I don’t know if that’s 100% accurate. They may sit on the outskirts of the genre. I will say that LA BAIE definitely have a very polished and directed presentation with their music. Listening to The bay it’s almost like hearing contemporary classical pop, if there’s such a thing. I enjoy the trio’s music, but sometimes I feel like I’m not professional enough to listen to it.

LA BAIE is probably music that you haven’t heard before. The band’s members are talented towards genres not often heard. The genres of choice have foundations in classical, jazz, and pop; but the way LA BAIE combine them is beyond impressive. The closest comparison might be YAYA and a collaboration between the both would result in something impressive. Look to LA BAIE if you want to hear something new with foundations in the old.

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