Echae Kang’s Radical Paradise is like a lucky box, filled with randomly chosen goods and opening the box creates an amazing treasure hunting feeling. Along with songs emphasizing her fresh voice with simple instrumentals, such as “LA” or “Match,” the album serves tracks focusing on the driving and occasionally calm flowing violin sound. Additionally I got another surprising, a new type of music from the singer’s monologue on the backing track of strong beats and repetitive charismatic melody. Her intonation and music were like watching a movie in my mind.


Meanwhile, this album is like a fairy tale picture book with a fantasy story happening in the city. Except for tracks such as “Somethings Cold” or “GYP,” the performance in the songs are not complicated, but urban and melodic, which gives the perfect background for the singer’s voice to tell the story through the music. Her singing, or sometimes talking, feels like a musical factor, not the very different human voice with a verbal message, so they together build up a perfect story with beautiful pictures.

As Echae is a violinist, the violin consists of the main sound stream. However, the violin performance is unconventional like when she plucks the strings. In this way, her violin becomes a totally new instrument of light and very natural sound, which only exists in her Radical Paradise. Listening to her music led me to a colorful fantasy paradise that radically breaks the typical music ideas and is full of surprising gifts.

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