[Update: She made the made the album for sale on her Bandcamp page]

Lang Lee hasn’t been a prolific artist with only two albums starting with 2012’s Yon Yonson. Her latest, 신의 놀이, was funded through tumblbug and was a part of a book. The only way to get the album was to find a copy of the book that contained a download code for an album download through Bandcamp. Thanks to KIRARA, I was able to get a copy of the book and download the album.

lang lee 신의 놀이

신의 놀이 is an interesting album because it’s much broader than Yon Yonson. With drums, cello, bass, and other added instruments, Lang Lee’s folk songs are expanded and the full band sound allows for greater depth. The ten song album really showcases two things. One is the song writing talents of Lang Lee. The second is a bigger freedom in the variety of songs. While focused on a folk sound, 신의 놀이 doesn’t strictly stick with the style. She’s able to move around freely and create a good variety of tracks.

I still think that Lang Lee’s vocals are one of the biggest draws. It’s somewhat light, but highly melodic and follows the rhythms of each track. “슬프게 화가 난다” is less of a folk song and almost a combination of indie pop and shoegaze. “웃어, 유머에” doesn’t even have lyrics, just vocal tones that are supported by cello, drums, bass, and acoustic guitar. It’s also one of the most dense songs, making a big impact without relying on heavy tones or complex rhythms. At 36 minutes, 신의 놀이 isn’t long in terns of length. But the music goes far beyond the track length.

It’s unfortunately that most people will never be able to hear Lang Lee’s final album. If it’s possible to find the book anywhere, it’s a definite must buy. 신의 놀이 might be the close of Lang Lee, but hopefully she continues making music in another fashion. It would be interesting to hear her expand into another genre. 신의 놀이 will be a classic album, only limited by the amount of people who are able to hear it.

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