While on a trip to Seoul, I saw Seahorse Corps live without knowing it. Their Korean name isn’t easily recognizable and only when I returned and heard Individualism did I understand who I saw. It’s a little difficult to accurately describe their music. It has elements of indie, rock, and pop; but the result is somewhat different. It might be the inclusion of the keyboard synth that differentiates the band.

seahorse corps individualism

This is first highlighted with the song “Everybody Will Be Making Love.” As the first of four tracks, it also introduces the band’s unique style. There’s an interesting arrangement of instruments with each instrument serving towards the syncopated rhythms. Add in the vocals which have a distinct groove and the song sounds a little frenetic, but comes together pretty impressively.

Seahorse Corps cement their style on “Blue Night.” It’s a little easier to digest with both the guitar and bass following the same rhythm and the drums providing the beat. Keyboards still play a part here too with little highlights during verses. I think the sound that stands out is “Here & Now.” It kind of reminds me of Chang Kiha & The Faces a lot. It’s not a direct copy, but has that funk and groove tone that The Faces are well known for.

It’s impressive what Seahorse Corps are able to accomplish within these four songs. Their style isn’t one-off unique, but it’s not a common sound you’ll hear from South Korean bands. My live experience did have a few more songs, but in their official form it’s much easier to understand what the band was going for.

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