The only reference I have to The Hans is that they recorded at Love X Studio. All About Hans is the first time I’ve heard their music as far as I remember. The Hans remind me a lot of MAAN and Rock’N’Roll Radio because all three have a specific and unique handle on melody, rhythm, and timing.

the hans all about hans

From The Hans’ first track, “Say,” the EP grabs your attention. The verses move at a good pace with the vocals providing a counter rhythm to the instruments and everything coming together during the chorus. I think one of the best aspects of The Hans is that they make excellent melodies. “Wobble” might already be one of the best songs for 2017.

“Flat Nose” is one of the weirdest songs I’ve heard in a while. It’s simple with a repeating English verse before going into the chorus. It almost feels like a song that was made during a jam session. “Stars” dives a little deeper into layered melodies, but my favorite part of the song is the drums. They move parallel to the song, but also add a lot of atmosphere. The drums could have easily been simple, but the rhythms add a complex backbone. Definitely listen to the lack track “Well.”

As my first real exposure to The Hans, I wish I heard them before. With an EP released in early 2016, I’m curious to see if the band changed between Boys Be Hans and All About Hans. Again, if you like Rock’N’Roll Radio or MAAN, you need to give The Hans a try.

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