It’s always exciting to find another band that’s from the Southern part of South Korea. It’s much easier to find out about bands that play in Seoul, but Busan and surrounding areas are difficult. I saw GoodbyeWendy’s post about a music video on Facebook and took a listen. The band definitely live in the indie pop rock world and The way back home proves that.

goodbyewendy the way back home

“Today is the day” featuring BongBong is a slower almost jazz pop track going back and forth between male and female vocals. It’s not until later in the song that the energy raises itself a little higher. I like how the song utilizes the tempo to almost create two separate songs combined together. The one issue with “Today is the day” is that with the dual melodic styles, the slower parts which take up the majority get kind of stagnant. The issue could actually be the dual vocals. They work well, but there’s a push and pull that’s a bit uneven.

“The way back home” was the natural single. It highlights every aspect of the five piece band. The vocals are able to thrive and the instrumentals give off a much bigger sound. The pop rock style of GoodbyeWendy will be known through “The way back home.” It’s definitely a dense song that requires multiple listens to hear every melodic line. I was actually surprised by “The way back home” because it sounds like a song from a much more experienced band rather than one that started in 2015. Closing the single with “After Dawn” was also a perfect choice. While the shortest track at 3:23, the almost shoegaze theme comes alive to close out the musical thoughts of the band.

For a three song single, GoodbyeWendy have definitely started with a high bar. “Today is the day” is a good song, but doesn’t stand as high next to “The way back home” or “After Dawn.” It would be great to hear what the band could do with an EP or even a full length because while GoodbyeWendy is an indie pop rock band, what they showed on “After Dawn” makes me think they could go into post-rock without a problem.

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