It’s been a couple of years since From The Airport’s You Could Imagine. It’s been even longer since they released their first track on Bandcamp where I discovered them years ago. Every release from the duo has been an evolution and slight change. They still live within the electronic pop rock universe they created, but as time moves forward, they have grown as artists.

from the airport the boy who jumped

The thing that sticks out with The Boy Who Jumped is that it’s looking in a lot of different directions. The album isn’t just a rehash of older songs or even jumping into a new style entirely. The Boy Who Jumped is From The Airport, who is comfortable and confident in the music they make. “The Heartbeats” plays a slight misdirection because you think that the album is going to be a heavy electronic album.

But then “Go or Die” starts with its piano intro and you get a different feeling altogether. “Go or Die” is the calling card of From The Airport. It features the unique characteristics that help the band stick out from other electronic rock bands. Then with songs like “The Jump,” From The Airport is essentially saying that they’re making the music they want rather than following any trends. They’re still open to experimentation like on “Age” which tonally is slightly darker than songs that have come before. In some ways, it reminds me of the early From The Airport songs.

From The Airport have definitely changed by different influences from the last full length. The Boy Who Jumped really shows that From The Airport is a true collaboration between two artists who individually improve and then come together to craft songs that could only be created by these two.

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