At the beginning of 2016, Big Phony funded his sixth full length self-titled album on Kickstarter. During the end of 2016, Big Phony was busy filming his own movie. Now in the early months of 2017, Big Phony is working on completing it.

You might have seen Big Phony aka Bobby Choy in Ktown Cowboys, but Fiction & Other Realities is different because this is Big Phony’s story. I didn’t expect Big Phony to take this huge step from his role in Ktown Cowboys or his latest album. But from the teaser trailer, this story will speak to a lot of people.

Where’s the Money Going?

The Seoul side of Fiction & Other Realities, where most of the film happens, is completed. What’s missing is the United States side before Bobby goes to Seoul. That’s where the Kickstarter comes in. Like his album Kickstarter, Bobby’s very transparent about where the money raised is going towards.

In the case of the movie, essentially it’s about getting the US side of the story on film. The other aspect of making a film is all the post production which includes editing, effects, sound mixing, and what takes a big chunk – marketing. All this costs a lot of money.

$30,000 isn’t a small amount by any means. But consider what Big Phony accomplished with his sixth album. He used every dollar earned to make the best album possible. That means Fiction & Other Realities will exceed expectations.


There are different rewards for backers starting at $5. But the best rewards will cost you a little more.

$20 – Signed Big Phony album
$25 – Limited Edition Signed Movie Poster
$50 – Big Phony T-shirt
$75 – Entire Big Phony catalog
$75 – Signed Script/Book

The higher pledges combine lower tier rewards.

$150 – Two Premiere and After Party Tickets (Seoul, LA, NYC)
$300 – Mystery Care Package
$500 – Personal Song

I’m a big fan of Big Phony. So is my Mom. Every time I see Bobby, I ask him to record a message for my Mom because she likes him so much. And every time, Bobby is gracious enough to record something. I think Fiction & Other Realities is a special movie. It needs to get completed.

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