It’s interesting to listen to Kero One’s Reflection (Noitcelfer) Eternal after going back and listening to his earlier releases. It’s less about Kero One highlighting his Hip-hop verses and more of a presentation of his talents as a producer. This can be heard essentially through every single track.

kero one reflection eternal

Starting with “Princess Diamond,” Reflection already sounds more mature than older albums. It’s not because he’s not flowing over the verses, but there’s a confidence that comes through very strongly. “Princess Diamond” already is a much more melodic track featuring female vocals and serves as an early highlight. “Funktion” featuring Brandun Deshay does a similar thing like “Princess Diamond.” Securely bringing a funk and Hip-hop tone, Deshay’s vocals are smooth and move almost effortlessly.

It’s surprising to experience Kero One primarily as a producer rather than the main artist. “Journey Together” could have been a bigger track if it had vocals attached, but there’s an emotion that comes forward even more without them. The rest of the album feature guests artist who are able to find the middle ground between the instrumentals and vocals. Reflection sounds less of a Kero One album in this respect and I kind of wish he made more of an appearance.

Reflection (Noitcelfer) Eternal is an album I listened to a lot, mainly in the background. Since Kero One played the role of the music creator rather than the main feature, the album felt a little uneven. But any fan will enjoy hearing the progression of Kero One in presenting his music highlighted by other artists.

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