OOHYO continues to carve out her presence with each release. While she’s venturing inside the electronic genre, there’s a particular voice that I enjoy the most. It’s heard most on Girl Sense and on the Night version of “Youth.” I liked Adventure, but “Pizza” really brought me back.

oohyo pizza

The single contains three tracks. “Pizza” as the main single is sung in English and could easily be a popular song internationally. The lyrics are simple, but to the point especially “pizza sucks without you” as one of the hooks. OOHYO definitely knows how to write interesting songs and “Pizza” is one of her finest. I think it’s because the lyrics are quickly relatable and it’s not that hard to understand her perspective.

The second track, “VAMOS,” is a little more laid back. It’s easy tempo allows OOHYO to take her time. With “VAMOS” sung in Korean, it also adds an opposing vocal tone. Whether it’s English or Korean, OOHYO sounds natural so it’s never an issue. The tempo of “Pizza” moved quickly and it was difficult to get into each verse, but “VAMOS” takes it time and doesn’t take a lot of effort to fall into OOHYO’s voice or the instrumentals. The remix of “Pizza” by Kai Takahashi starts with a tone manipulation of OOHYO’s voice. It also pulls the tempo into a down tempo track. The main verse provides a funk theme with the bass sample and the additional samples pull the song into a enjoyable summer track.

OOHYO definitely improves with each release. She has huge talent as a lyricist and the instrumentals that accompany her songs are excellent. Each of her songs sound effortless which is the most surprising thing. It you listen to the instrumentals, then you realize how many samples are working together to create her melodies. There’s more to love with Pizza and now the wait starts again for new music.

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