It’s becoming more common as I find new musicians, that I really have no idea who they are. This makes listening to their music a surprise which can either come as a welcome surprise or a feeling that the band wasn’t ready to release music. HOA are surprising because they don’t really sound like a band from South Korea other than the vocals. They play a type of radio pop rock that’s a regular fixture in American radio.

hoa 그 날이 오면

“그 날이 오면” has a bright chorus that’s pushed by both the vocals and a behind the vocals call out. Keyboards highlight a lot of the melodies and the drums consistent rhythm keep things moving forward. This brightness continues on “밤의 밤.” The slow build up quietly introduces each instrument and the melody. It’s close to a minute before the vocals even start. Even though you could think that HOA use the same conventions throughout their songs, they do a great job of keeping things fresh.

Slowing the tempo down on “별을 따라 흐르네,” it presents a slightly different tone. It’s smoother and sultry. This is through the muted vocals and instrumentals that give the song more weight. HOA aren’t playing it like this to show they’re tired, but that they can compose a variety of tracks. 그 날이 오면 has a denseness from the tracks. Even with five, they’re making you really feel the music.

With these five songs, HOA hit all the big points for radio rock. They have the fast tempo pop rock track, the slower emotional song, the slightly experimental attempt, and close out the EP with a ballad-esque rock track. Even though HOA could be kind of stereotypical, they accomplish and succeed really well.

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