I feel like Momentsyumi goes through different moods which causes her to name each of her releases under a new name. There’s still a connecting thread between her different projects and that’s her distinct voice and unique approach to songwriting. Even though 한숨 is a two song single, Momentsyumi makes her introduction and keeps the memory in your ear.

momentsyumi sigh

“Sigh” is a primarily a guitar and piano accompanied track. There’s a small addition of drum samples which add a little bit of direction and structure, but overall the song relies and lives with Momentsyumi’s vocals. She’s able to capture a weird uplifting melancholy through her voice. It’s not sad, but feels like it’s longing for something. The walk-able tempo keeps things moving. Momentsyumi vocals never really move from the octave they start at, but they flow perfectly.

“Question Mark” has a little more energy. It doesn’t speed up the tempo, but Momentsyumi uses the beat to break up the vocals. “Question Mark” is a little quirky with the dual acoustic/electric guitar layers. It’s more pronounced because the mix of the track has the guitars isolated in each ear so you combine the two while listening. The combination of all the rhythms really make “Question Mark” the more interesting track. While not the opposite of each other, the differences between “Sigh” and “Question Mark” are definitely noticeable.

While I’ve heard Momentsyumi through different projects, Momentsyumi might be the most interesting. She’s definitely creating her own perspective with music and it always feels fresh. I’m wondering if she’ll move forward as Momentsyumi rather than Yumi from now on, but there’s no reason to be concerned.

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