Ashmute released two singles and I was waiting for a possible EP, but it doesn’t seem like that’s coming anytime soon. Regardless, these two tracks highlight two sides of the group and make them one to keep an eye on because if these two songs are any indication, they’re going to release something that’s going to attract a lot of ears.

ashmute scenery

I saw the music video for “Heaven” and was entranced by the vocals. Instead of being the most prominent part of the song, they blend along with the instrumentals. This means that the flow of “Heaven” isn’t determined by the vocals, but the tempo which, in turn, guides everything else. Simply put, “Heaven” is haunting. The vocals are perfection for the song. The semi-gothic tone of the track is enhanced by the way the vocals accent beats and verses. I especially like that Ashmute give the instrumental version of the song so you can hear how connected the vocals and instrumentals are.

“Scenery” is different. It’s still got a heavy tone, but goes for an acoustic guitar and piano. Ashmute’s vocal standout again by giving the song the glue around each verse. Somehow it’s the vocals that position the entire song’s theme and tone. The use of standard instruments make “Scenery” almost sound like a standard indie track, but those vocals pull in off-center. The almost-minimalist presentation of the vocals adds to the melancholy of “Scenery.” It’s not that the vocals are weak, but they make a huge impression without needed to push a loud volume or overpower the melody.

I’m curious to see where Ashmute goes. They’ve presented two separate styles by harnessing two genres and connecting them. While I prefer “Heaven,” the pulse of “Scenery” could easily get more intense depending on the track. I hope that Ashmute releases something that goes entire in the style of one of the songs. Even better it would be interesting to hear two EPs that conflict with the two styles. I’m keeping an eye on Ashmute and you should too.

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