Looking at The Bowls’ cover art for Well, Well? Well!, I thought the band would be a type of indie surf rock. It turned out that the band went far beyond that and looked towards rock and even some blues in their music. The Bowls do a lot with their five songs and make an enjoyable, if somewhat quick listen.

the bowls well well well

“놀음” is an long introduction. It actually sounds like a warm up for the first two minutes until the vocals jump in. The laid back style highlights more of the vocals and drums during the verse with the bass providing the main melody. But when you get to “sOcIaL nEtWoRK sErViCe,” you are presented with a funk rock track that lives through the guitar and bass. The track never feels like it has a beginning or ending, rather you’re along for a ride during some verses and should enjoy your time.

The song that starts strong is “When I love her, Talkin about her.” The Bowls aren’t big on a lot of vocals and let their instruments do most of the communicating. The track provides a cross between blues and funk on the guitar and bass. it switches midway through to sound like a rock track until it closes out.

The Bowls love funk and blues. It’s clear from the majority of the songs on Well, Well Well! The songs all have an addictive side to them and get your attention. I do think that there’s a weird progression sometimes when songs switch styles halfway through and make it challenging to appreciate everything. It’s a good start and The Bowls could get even better on their next release.

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