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I can honestly say that I’m a huge fan of 57. Since their explosive EP that released three years ago to the chance I had to see them live in Seoul, I’ve always been waiting for new music from them. Now they’re going on a proper European tour covering a lot of dates and cities. While it should be required that people know 57, some might have missed them but now’s your chance to see them live and watch one of the greatest live shows around.

57 (Oh Chill)

What have you been doing for the past couple years since the release of your EP?

We moved to Seoul where we have been trying to survive! We play shows seemingly every weekend and have won a bunch of awards for our music as well. At the moment we are busy writing new material for our album and of course, preparing for our European Tour.

Is this the first time either of you have been to Europe?

We have been over to play in the UK before, we had a few shows there last year including a performance at Liverpool Sound City. It was really great, but sadly we only had a couple of shows. This year the tour is much longer and much bigger. We are playing 25 shows in the UK, Germany, France, and Poland. It will be our first time to visit all those places (other than the UK). We are really looking forward to meeting new people, seeing lots of cool bands, and hopefully finding time for a bit of sightseeing as well.

You all are visiting the UK, Germany, Poland, and France, is there any specific country you’re most excited to visit?

Every country is going to be special to us. Like I said, we have not yet been to France, Germany, or Poland. So it is going to be really exciting to visit those places and experience some different cultures. I think that it is going to be really good fun and will hopefully inspire us as we write our next album.

57 (Oh Chill)

57 has over 20 confirmed shows, are you nervous about going on a tour that’s this long?

I think the biggest thing we worry about is that there will be too many fans at each show.

Are there any expectations for the tour? Anything you want to accomplish?

We want to make new friends, and make the most of the fresh air by going jogging in a park topless.

Is there any new music like a single or EP going to be released in 2017?

Yeh! Ahead of our tour we plan to release a new single called Making Fire (the same title as the tour). It should be out in April, we are just putting the finishing touches to the artwork. Also, as I mentioned earlier we are working on a new album and if everything goes to plan, that should be released around fall time this year. Watch this space!

After the tour, what is the band planning on doing?

After the European tour, we will be right back to Korea where we will start work in earnest on the new album. We also plan to do an extensive tour of Korea too before hopefully heading out abroad again to tour the new album. It would be nice to get a tour in Asia as well.

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Up to the tour, what’s the biggest accomplishment of the band? Do you think you’ll surpass that?

I think playing at Liverpool Sound City last year was one of our biggest accomplishments. Along with appearing at Jisan Rock Festival in Korea as well. But yeh, I think that this year’s tour surpasses all of that. We are playing at a few festivals this time around and just going on such a long tour is a pretty big accomplishment in itself.

In short, the purpose of our tour is to grow as a band and as people. I think that the experiences we will have on tour and the people we meet will really help us develop as people and in turn will of course help us grow musically as well. When we moved up to Seoul from Jeonju, we met lots of people and I think that it had a big impact on us musically. I believe that European tour will have a similar effect.

What’s one thing you must have on the tour?

Massage tools and my glasses. I am fucked without them.

Anything to say to people who might want to see you play?

Come on out and check out our show. You won’t regret it. See you there.

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