Telefonist‘s Omnibus is a fleeting, 9-minute experience of summery electronic pop. The EP begins with “Sleeping State,” which leads you in with a quiet whisper. “Life and Death” continues the theme by presenting hushed vocals over a funk-influenced bass-line and shimmering, sustained synth chords in the background. “Summer Love” is danceable, groovy, a simple feel-good song that sways seductively. Out of the main two songs, it is perhaps the most enjoyable. “Evidence of Loneliness” closes Omnibus out with a slightly nostalgic note.

telefonist omnibus

For Omnibus’ short runtime, it is fairly effective at immersing me in its lush, carefree air. The vocals, though, are not a particularly effective factor, being little more than chanting which vaguely follows some rhythmic and melodic path. Were Omnibus to be instrumental, it would not lose any of the impact that it currently has.

I think it’s reasonable that Omnibus has been kept at this length. The majority of tracks are rather mellow, and don’t necessarily capture one’s attention immediately. I believe Telefonist is most successful when he pursues a more aggressive style of writing, as seen on “Summer Love.” At any rate, Omnibus is fitting for those summer nights when you get a sudden urge to jam out.

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