I went through a binge of buying random music and Glaspaser was one of them. I believe is was when I was looking for more instrumental music to listen to during my commute. When I started listening to City of Glass, all I knew it was some form of electronic music. As I got deeper into the music, I was hooked pretty quickly. It’s heavy on percussion, which I like a lot, and more techno, almost cyberpunk type beats. On seven tracks, Glaspaser has created the soundtrack to a futuristic movie.

glaspaser city of glass

Songs on City of Glass use anticipation and the length of verses a lot. It’s on “Old Castle” and it’s definitely in the introduction to “City of Glass.” Once the tracks get started, there’s a constant motion either through the beat or the various layers of samples. I think that Glaspaser does a great job of adding in multiple rhythms without overshadowing or over-complicating the original beat. He doesn’t just sit in that deep audio valley, “Gray Day” comes up a little with a treble melody that’s supported by a polyrhythmic beat.

I think a fan of electronic music will enjoy Glaspaser’s music a lot. Its mix of techno, percussion, and beats, never gets boring even though a lot of the samples repeat throughout the entire song. The BPM isn’t actually that fast so you’re not inundated with layered beats that might confuse you. There’s a definite path you’re being guided on and Glaspaser is the one holding your hand. City of Glass’ seven songs all related to each other, not just in the style but tone as you go from song to song. A story definitely unfolds on the EP and that makes it more interesting to hear.

The electronic genre continues to surprise and excite me. With so many different artists exploring their own voice, you will never get bored. Glaspaser is another example of that and City of Glass is an excellent addition.

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