I was thinking about the worth of making a new shirt for people to buy. Since I’m not a designer, I thought about what would be interesting as a shirt for people to buy. I came across the idea of spelling Korean Indie in Hangul. At the same time, I didn’t want to make a shirt that was branded as a “Korean Indie” shirt so just spelling it out as “코리안 인디” seemed like a fun idea.

I went back to Teespring and made three versions of the shirt. There are two t-shirt variations only differing by the quality of the shirt.

Canvas is a brand that I’ve seen more often and it a light shirt that’s great quality. I also included the standard Hanes shirt, which is thicker. Then I added a tank top because it’s summer. I kept the prices very close to cost because this shirt isn’t about making money, but offering something fun for readers. Any profit gained is going right back to pay for hosting.

If you’re interested in getting one, head to the Teespring page and buy the one you want.

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