I’ve listened to The Lake‘s The Lake In The City a bunch of times, but forgot to write about them multiple times. It’s not that the EP is bad, but another release jumped in front. The Lake In The City is pretty standard indie pop rock; highlighting melodic vocals, easy guitar riffs, and rhythms that support each song. I think The Lake are talented in the genre they sit in, but it also sounds like the band is catering to a very specific audience.

the lake lake in the city

Starting with “Midnight,” The Lake get to the point to say that they’re an indie pop band. It’s almost in the same vein as coffee shop music except the tempo is faster and features a full band. “Midnight” is catchy and the chorus will get stuck in your head so be warned. As the EP’s single, it grabs your attention and keeps it pretty well. “Cocktail Party” sounds like “Midnight” part 2. It uses the same guitar settings and a lot of the same rhythms. If you heard the tracks within 10 minutes of each other, you might think it’s a repeat song. But while repetitive, it’s still damn catchy.

“Hey” takes a different approach by sounding like a commercial track that would fit in front of a soccer or baseball game. “Hey” also sounds old like a pop track from the early 2000s. It’s impressive that The Lake could capture this specific tone so well. It’s kind of like a party track if everyone was 15 years old and can’t drink. “Ok” combines sections of “Cocktail Party” and “Hey” together to create another pop rock song. Kind of fun, but a little forgetful. “환상” is The Lake’s ballad track, which seems like a requirement for this type of band. I can imagine when this is played live, the audience would sing along.

The Lake are using a cornerstone style with their EP. I don’t think anything is wrong with The Lake In The City, other than it sounds so “standard.” There’s nothing to really be surprised about or in the end want you to hear more music. It’s simply a release in the genre that’s done well, but doesn’t have a long term appeal after listening to it the first few times.

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