Considering Dumbfoundead‘s We Might Die mixtape came out in November 2016, the release of Foreigner in May 2017 is pretty quick. Directed at the South Korean music scene, Dumbfoundead is definitely an outlier bringing his carefully crafted and evolved Hip-hop to different shores again. He’s known out of the mainstream, but has never made the jump to a higher spotlight. While Foreigner will please and excite any fan he has, it’s probably not going to help him gain a lot in the mainstream broadcasting industry.

dumbfoundead foreigner

Interestingly, Foreigner feels like a throwback to older music Dumbfoundead has released. We Might Die was crafted differently, using instrumentals by different producers and letting Dumbfoundead explore new rhyming and delivery. Foreigner is more direct while still utilizing some We Might Die accents. “Hyung” as the first single directly speaks about the 형 culture. It doesn’t hold back and he makes his opinion known. Guests like Dok2, Simon Dominic, and a small addition of Tiger JK help it connect with Korean audiences. He goes forward and speaks about different topics on other songs, giving Foreigner a lot of variety, much like We Might Die. “History of Violence” with Chancellor is a somber song that speaks directly about Korean culture.

I’m curious how Koreans would react to “Upgrade (2.0)” because it’s sexually explicit far beyond what Koreans might be comfortable with. The mid-song break featuring Dumbfoundead’s Mom is excellent connecting his Los Angeles roots to South Korea. I think my favorite song has to be “Send Me To War” featuring Jessi and Year of the OX. The instrumental is one of my favorites of any Dumbfoundead song and the guest spot by Year of the OX adds some recognizable variety while highlighting their style. It just has this groove that hits and never stops.

I will listen to anything that Dumbfoundead releases. I think it’s a great chance he’s taken by going towards the Korean music market. He’s a talented Hip-hop artist and definitely brings a new perspective within the music genre and industry. He could definitely grab a lot of new fans if they get past preconceived notions.

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